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Finally after 18 months of hard work this new beautiful…

Acupuncture clinic Brighton East and Melbourne

Acupuncture – The Balance Method

So what is the difference between TCM acupuncture and The…

Acupuncture Sport Injuries

Acupuncture for Sport Injuries

Acupuncture, Physical Therapy (Tui Na) and Chinese Herbal…

Chinese Medicine Herbs

Granulated Herbs are easier to prepare and consume

Raw herbs are powerful and very beautiful to interact with…

Period Pain Management Chinese Medicine

Period Pain and Acupuncture

Menstrual pain can be a real drag.

Menopause Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine can ease the burdens of the Menopausal process

At the Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic you…

Wellness Clinic Health

All About Wellness

At the Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic you…

Cupping Chinese Medicine Melbourne

Use of Cupping and a few suggestions for cold and flu this winter

Chinese Medicine use of Suction Cups can quickly resolve…

Back Pain Massage

Back Pain and Sciatic Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common issues presented…

Chinese Medicine Herbs

Chinese Medicine Terminology and why it differs so much

I believe that the best results can be achieved by…