In my clinic, I have chosen to go for the granulated herb option as I find that there is much better compliance with this form of herbal preparation than with raw herbs.

Raw herbs are powerful and very beautiful to interact with for both practitioner and client. For a practical reasons I dispense the granulated form. Raw herbs need to be boiled for a long time every other day. Some clients complain of the smell in the house and simply start the herbal process excitedly and over time just forget or stop taking them all together.

People run busy lives, and while this is probably part of the problem, as being too busy and far too stressed, too much of the time. Its not going to help keeping your herbs in the cupboard. They need to be consumed to do any good. Compliance with granulated herbs tends to be much greater than with the raw form.

The other crucial point is shelf life. While Raw herbs may be consumed by bugs or fungus before they reach the client. This makes the granulated form friendlier to the clinician as well as to the client.

Space and storage is another reason why I chose granulated herbs. Instead of having bags of herbs taking up a large amount of space, I keep backup stock neatly tucked away behind the open tub (see pics), and this way all I needs to do is open the new container, peel back the seal and there, a fresh batch is ready to go. Great for a busy practice.

I hope this little insight was interesting, feel free to ask me questions or suggest a blog subject that may interest you.

Written by: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal
(Registered Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine)