Chinese Medicine use of Suction Cups can quickly resolve colds.

The best time to use suction cups is at the very early stage of a cold, although they can help at a later stage as well. Do you know that feeling, when you arrive home after being out in the cold and wind. A feeling as though you’ve been hit by a bus, and you simply know that you’ve caught a cold.

Do not despair, the first port of call is to prepare yourself a soup with lots of freshly sprinkled spring onion on top. Also get some fresh ginger tea in to you, and make sure you do not re-expose yourself to the elements once you’ve had the spring onion and ginger, as these simple herbs open the pores of the skin, warm the body and cause a light sweat to occur. Get under the blankets, do not over heat yourself. A light sweat should be enough to expel the cold and you should feel better the next day.

Cupping expel wind and cold from the body and can significantly ease or stop a cold in its tracks. Acupuncture and certainly herbs are also known to assist the process. I have default herbs that my family and I take at the very initial stage of a cold that work a dream.

Chinese Medicine has survived the test of time and is a viable and powerful approach today.

Written by: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal
(Registered Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine)