Acupuncture, Physical Therapy (Tui Na) and Chinese Herbal medicines are all facets of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

They provide fantastic results with sport injuries. The fact that Chinese Medicine has been used to treat soft tissue, joint and bone injuries for over 5,000 years, makes it the oldest form of documented medicine in the world with an enormous amount of experience, depth of knowledge and wisdom that is rarely surpassed.

Acupuncture provides very fast pain relief and can reduce pain quickly and effectively. When soft tissue is inflamed, very little can be done locally. However Acupuncture treats the pain on body sites away from the effected area, and relieves pain quickly (within the session), effectively and with the added bonus of not re-inflaming the injured area. Wether it is a Strain, a sprain, an old scar injury, micro muscle or tendon tear, Rotator cuff or Supraspinatus injury. It is great for Tennis/Golfers Elbow, knee pain, hamstring injuries, back pain or strain, wrist and ankle injuries, and more, all these can be treated effectively with acupuncture. It offers quick pain relief and a complete and effective treatment.

Chinese Herbs are fantastic in speeding up recovery for deeper tissue issues, like fractured bones, tendon tears, post surgery rehabilitation of tissue, and together with acupuncture- pain relief, a fracture can be treated whilst still in a plaster cast or boot, without the need to touch the actual injured site. Post surgery treatment for muscle or tendon tears, after major fractures and while seeing a physio or other modalities for rehab, Chinese Medicine will propel you through the rehab stage by facilitating the body’s own healing capacity. The faster the body is back to full health and recovery, the faster you are able to rebuild muscle atrophy and weakened tendons and the better the area will heal, giving your body the best chance to fully recover.

Real Chinese Physical Therapy (Tui Na), Cupping and Gua Sha (scraping technique) offer pain relief and speeds up soft tissue healing. Injuries such as shin splints, strains and sprains can be effectively treated. I find that such physical treatments are fantastic for old injuries that just don’t want to resolve. Where old scar tissue needs to be broken down to restart the healing again.

Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Tui Na can give you the very healing edge that you seek for your acute or chronic sporting injury.

Written by: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal
(Registered Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine)