The terms used in Chinese medicine may sound metaphoric and pictorial, a fact that may cause people familiar with only western medicine to feel sceptical about its efficacy.

The language of Chinese medicine has evolved within a very different culture to our own, and it is that very difference that enables it to view and tackle issues from another perspective.

When diagnosing any clinical presentation, my approach is primarily from within the Chinese medicine paradigm, which is holistic and integral. Instead of focusing on a specific disease or condition in isolation, the focus is on the whole person and their unique condition at this time.

I follow the treatment protocol which is strictly governed by a detailed diagnostic process based on the knowledge and experience gained over millennia within Chinese medicine. Most of the time the results confirm the validity of that approach and the problems are successfully resolved.

While I have great confidence in Chinese medicine, I believe that the best results can be achieved by utilising the knowledge and insights of both approaches – the Chinese and western medicine – to the benefit of the patients. Using different terms and perspectives within these approaches does not make them contradictory.

It is through that very different view point that Chinese medicine holds the answer to many conditions that are misunderstood from a Western Medical perspective. It is that very different view point and understanding of the body and our world that enable Chinese medicine to grasp, and handle some conditions more effectively than many of the others modalities around.

Feel free to question the Chinese Medical View point. I am always happy to explain Chinese Medical perspective for the condition that you may be suffering from. I am always happy to explain the approach, the treatment and the prognosis from my Chinese Medical perspective.

Written by: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal
(Registered Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine)