At the Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic you can expect an all round approach to wellness.

You have a choice of Traditional Chinese Medicine- Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, an assortment of Remedial Massage styles, such as Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese TuiNa, Western Remedial Massage and Swedish massage styles. Often a combination of all these are blended to ensure that you benefit from the very best of all worlds.

Wellness is about being in balance on all aspects of the self. It’s about attaining Physical, Emotional and Spiritual harmony that enable you to be truly impassioned and driven from your very core. To be liberated in mind and body, and to achieve a congruent state of being on all levels of the self. Having the congruence of mind and body enables you to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals and pursue your passions.

We cannot always be up and buzzing, it is simply impossible and unsustainable. It’s about an inner truth and resilience that is brought about by an inner awareness, and a state of balance within a constantly changing world environment. Personal states are influenced by all that goes on within and around us. It is very much about maintaining all aspects of your self in an honest and sustainable way.

At the Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic you are assured to receive a highly professional, impassioned treatment approach, providing you with guidance to achieve inner balance, if that is what you seek. A program of NeuroLinguistic therapy and Time_Line methods can be employed to help you realise and clear away the deepest unconscious blocks that often lurk at the sidelines of our awareness and tend to go unnoticed, these sadly limit every decision and action that we take.

For general inner peace, deep trance meditation and Qi Gong breathing techniques can be taught to enable you to self maintain. With deep NLP emotional release work you can literally reboot an overactive mind and maintain a state of wellness and inner harmony to maximise your life every day. Take away a vast array of tools that enable you to move forward and beyond, especially if you find that the daily world buzz knocks you sideways.

No doubt, it takes some inner work and commitment to enable and maintain ongoing and true change. At the clinic we can work together to understand where deficiencies lie and use the right approach on the right level to begin the process of self transformation.

At times its a lack of energy that presents. This can be due to physical and/or emotional factors. Understanding the inner workings of the mind and the state of the physical body, conducting a thorough investigation and taking a detailed history enables a program to be devised. A program that addresses each and every level of your being. It is all about assisting you in achieving a healthier state of self and providing you with the tools to maintain your own state of wellbeing, with greater self awareness and mindfulness. A healthy state of mental and physical balance allows you to deal with your ever changing environment, in a healthier and more congruently and coherent way.

There are two websites that you can visit for a more in-depth understanding of the modalities and approaches available to you at the clinic

Written by: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal
(Registered Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine)