So what is the difference between TCM acupuncture and The ‘Balance Method’?

This is going to be a long discussion, so I am going to write different things about the Balance Method over time. Firstly Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture was part of my original training and it is the norm in University Acupuncture training.

In the past two years I have started to employ the Balance Method into my clinical practice and was amazed by the powerful effect that I was having on peoples health.

While TCM acupuncture is taught in a very similar way to Chinese Herbal Medicine, where a practitioner always takes the pulse and looks at the tongue. Points are selected based on their qualities and Meridian channels they are on. So, if a point is known empirically to affect stomach and digestion, you would choose it as part of the point combination that you will use for that particular treatment. You may needle that point bilaterally on both limbs and add other bilateral points to supplement the action that you are aiming to achieve in the body. TCM acupuncture works well, you may see the effect of acupuncture within moments or over the next few days. Point selection depends of their empirical use, as in some texts or as the knowledge was passed down over generations. You may not understand why they work some times and not at other times, but you use them as that is their general use of a particular point and that’s that.

the Balance Method Acupuncture is mostly concerned with following the meridian pathway and finding appropriate points tat affect that area of the body. For example, if a client presents with a blocked nose and sinus pressure on the right side of the face, I would look at the meridian involved, which happens to be the Stomach channel. The Stomach Channel has other channels around the body that treat it. My first choice will be to treat the Large Intestine points on the opposite hand of the blockage. The beautiful thing about the Balance Method of Acupuncture is that after inserting the needles I want to see an immediate effect. If that immediate effect does not occur, then it is most likely tat I did not acupuncture the best points for the issue. Seeing immediate results is remarkable. I have seen clients present with neck pain where 95-100% of the pain was relieved within 10 seconds. I have seen sinuses cleared in moments and back pain disappear.

So the Balance Method is a remarkable Acupuncture style that has transformed my clinic for the better. Clients all noted the change of technique and mostly took to it as pain dissipated in seconds. Something that neither of us have seen since I adopted this style of acupuncture.

There is so much more to tell you about the Balance Method of Acupuncture. Let me tell you more at the next blog. I hope that you have enjoyed this little introduction.

Written by: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal
(Registered Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine)