In the West we have been conditioned to seek health intervention when we are sick.

By this stage the body is already in a weakened state and has to eliminate the illness before it can regain strength.

Chinese medicine offers a world of wellness that prevents dis-ease by keeping our body from being compromised so easily in the first place. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on healthy and balanced living at its core, in order to strengthen the body and prevent ill health in the first place. The option is to battle illness once it has taken a grip. As we know, Chinese Medicine extends its ancient wisdom to address illness in most remarkable ways, whilst its greatest strength lies in identifying subtle imbalance early, to bring the body back into balance and prevent disease.

TCM practitioners specialise in observing the physical, emotional and energetic spheres of the body as a one integrated microcosm and better understand its connection to the macrocosm that is constitutes our environment, wether this entails our home, our work, our relationship to self and others or nature at large.

TCM Triangulates information such as signs and symptom, Tongue diagnosis (body constitution) and pulse examination (Organ relationships). The information gathered is then organised through the ancient and wise lens of Chinese medicine to uncover internal pattens that constitute Chinese Medical syndromes. These Syndromes are recognised by Chinese Medicine as a process that leads to disease or recognises when the body is out of balance in a specific, well documented and treatable way. TCM practitioners carry out treatment while taking into consideration the body’s constitution, its unique Energetic state at the time and the pernicious influences that are currently at play. TCM naturally treats these imbalances from within its own scientific paradigm, a paradigm that dates back thousands of years.

Chinese Medicine is 5,000 years wise. This is important to realise, as Chinese medicine had 5,000 years to observe the rhythm and phenomenon of the natural world and apply its understanding to the body’s equilibrium and inherent patterns. Chinese medical writings date back 3,500 years and the compilations of such texts have been updated through the passage of time. These writings are built on previous knowledge, are scrutinised and rewritten to reflect accumulated and changing knowledge. These writings are still updated and scrutinised both through chinese medicine and more recently by modern scientific research. Now Chinese medicine is recognised by the World Health Organisation and more recently accepted and regulated in Australia by AHPRA.

Chinese Medicine is unique and unequaled in its ability to observe and naturally treat very minute changes in the homeostatic balance before bigger issues affect the body. These fine adjustments allow for better management of the body and constitute a powerful preventative approach, Keeping the body at its optimal state, leading to stronger immunity, more energy, better metabolism, and a wonderful sense of wellness that Chinese Medicine is so wonderful at attaining.

Written by: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal
(Registered Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine)