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  • Pregnant Massage and Pain Management

  • Migraine and Headache Treatments

  • Repetative Strain Injuries (RSI)

  • MET for Spinal re-alignment

  • Myofascial Release Techniques

  • PNF technique for Range of Motion issues

  • TMJ (Jaw) Release and rehabilitation

  • Thoracic-Outlet Syndrome

  • Tendinitis and Soft Tissue Pain

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Neurological Pain

  • General Sports Injuries​

  • Incredible Relaxation Deep Tissue Therapy

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Physical Therapy


There are numerous and varied approaches to Physical Therapy.  Over the years, a practitioner learns a wide range of techniques and accumulates clinical experience to cultivate their own unique style of Physical Therapy.  An integrated and experienced practitioner offers a safe and effective approach to health. Treating all sorts of physical conditions, whether muscular, tendinous, nervous or rheumatic in nature.  A well informed, experienced therapist has much to offer in the way of health, pain management, lifestyle and general well being.


It is imperative that the therapist you seek is registered, highly educated, understand Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology. Able to decipher C.T, M.R.I. and X-ray reports, and to discern the wide variety of possible complications and conditions, to ensure a safe and effective treatment. 


Proper diagnosis of your condition is essential for a successful treatment.  Painful conditions may arise from local tissue, or radiate from other parts of the body.  Sciatic pain may appear in the leg, but in fact, lumbar or pelvic issues may be the causing factor.  A simple shoulder pain may appear local in nature, but may actually emanate from a gallbladder stone.  An experienced practitioner must be able to discern such risks and know when to refer you on for further investigation when required. 


With over twenty-four years of clinical experience, I have adopted particular world views on Physical Therapy.  These include; Western Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, and Chinese Tui Na, cupping and Gua-Sha therapies. They are non- invasive, very effective and clinically safe.


For your own sake, seek registered and qualified physical therapists and avoid the cheap, nasty imitations that are sprouting on every second street corner that claim to do "Chinese Massage".

Remedial Physical Therapy


Remedial Massage Therapy is a Western based approach to Physical Therapy.  It involves a deep understanding of Anatomy, Physiology and general Western bioscience.  It is imperative for a practitioner to approach the physical state of the body with an understanding of the wide range of possible physical conditions and come up with the correct diagnosis.  Consideration must be given to the myriad of possible complications. Conditions may arise post-operatively or as a result of long term neglect of pre-existing trauma and injury.


Muscle Energy Technique (MET): 

are a Physical Therapeutic approach that is governed by a strict and linear diagnostic process.  It is successfully applied to most sciatic, lumbar, mid-spine misalignment issues and painful neck conditions.


For Lumbar Spine, the process requires a deep  understanding of the sacrum’s orientation within the ilium (pelvic girdle), its alignment, or lack there of in relation to the 5th Lumbar vertebrae.  Once this relationship is clear, appropriate corrections can be applied.


This approach to spinal adjustment is gentle, and NO manipulation is carried out. The body is placed in a very precise position that isolates a single intervertebral muscle (multifidus muscle group ).  The patient uses minimal resistance to activate the small isolated muscle, which then mobilizes the intended vertebrae back into its aligned position.  Realigning spinal segments in this way can substantially reduce local nerve pressure, treating referred pain, eases muscle tension and pain caused by such skeletal misalignments. The lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical spine are also realigned in a similar fassion.  


In a Gentle, safe and effective manner, this technique treats one spinal segment at a time.   

Oriental Therapies


Japanese Shiatsu and Chinese Tui-Na have proven to be very successful in the treatment of long standing physical conditions such as; Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Frozen Shoulder, Wry neck, Headaches, and other debilitating conditions that impede ones quality of life.


Traditional Shiatsu and Tui-Na are oil free in nature, and often performed over cotton to reduces friction.  Without the oil, the practitioner has greater control in the use of pressure points, and allows for better control over soft tissue manipulation.

For thousands of years Oriental Medicine utilized pressure points therapy to treat the body as a whole. Often Trigger point therapy and dry needling techniques can only provide a fraction of the result that oriental therapies can, as they consist of isolated techniques and only therapeutic parts adopted from other Oriental approaches. Oriental styles of of pressure point therapy and Acupuncture are carried out within their holistic contextual basis, and in the way  they were intended and developed over thousands of years. 


Cupping and Gua-Sha 

Glass cups are applied to the skin once a flame that is introduced into the cup draws out the oxygen within it to creates the necessary vacuum for the practice. The cups are not hot and do not cause burns, they do however, leave painless cupping marks for several days after treatment.  Historically ancient Egypt, China, Africa and Europe are all known for their use of cupping therapy.  Cups induce negative pressure that stimulate muscle fibres and spindles (muscle-nerve receptors), and create a strong body/brain feedback loop. They act on fascia (connective tissue) to resolve long standing injuries by invigorating blood flow, stimulate tissue oxygenation and toxin drainage. 

Gua-sha is a Chinese skin scraping technique. It relieve pain through removing blood stasis from aching muscles, and achieves brilliant results.