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Clinical approach

I wanted to outline a little about my clinical approaches in care of those who choose to attend. I specialise in Acupunture both TCM, Tan and Tung styles. Chinese herbal medicine for internal medicine- skin, menstruation, emotional, menopausal, pain management and more. I practice a variety of physical disciplines comprising of Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese ancient Tui-Na, sport massage, Remedial physical therapy techniques, Muscle Energy techniques which focus on passive and muscle resistance techniques to realign spinal dysfunction- I find these pivotal for managing lumbar and sciatic pain and realignment of the spine.

I practice in the most holistic fashion that I can bring to clinic. I draw on QiGong breathing, meditation, core work and other ancient wisdoms, I find those to be paramount in achieving good mental health. I encourage a strong awareness with any necessary dietary and lifestyle issues.

I am a great advocate of looking behind all health issues to determine the reasons behind their manifestation and help individuals resolve the underlying cause. This is essential for the longevity of benefits that are achieved in the clinic and in creating a more fulfilling results that are pivotal to improving wellness and create better life outcomes.

I am a strong believer in encouraging clients to take responsibility for their own health and actively assisting them in achieving a deeper understanding, adopting strategies for change, to enhance their health.

I bring together the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the modalities of Acupucture, Herbal Medicine and Physical therapies. Further, I bring to the clinic wisdoms from the eastern traditions, such as meditation, Qi Gong and other practices. Where necessary, I draw on my life coaching experience, hypnosis and self empowerment techniques.

My aim is to help each and every person that comes into this space in the best way I can, and with all the modalities and accumulated clinical and experience over the past 27 years (at this time).

I long to practice for the rest of my life, continue to provide an ever widening array of expertise. I continually learn and upgrade my knowledge with deeper understandings of ancient medicine from the distant past, and bring it together into the modern clinical setting. Staying on top of both old and new, I hope to assist each and every person who comes to visit and do my absolute best of my to see them on their way. Thank you for taking the time.

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