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Fix it when it's Broke or Simply Maintain it so it Works....

Its a way of living and a way of thinking. There is a big difference between waiting for your body to break down before you attend to its needs, or to use life and living as a process to wellness. It is the same as staying in a toxic relationship or pursuing with a bad job for way past its due date. Treating your body well by refraining from over damaging substances, or eating well, thinking constructively and in a balanced way or getting the casual massage, or spinal realignment, a new perspective on life and thinking, every few weeks is a way to wellness and greater self awareness.

In the western world we are bombarded with so much information and constantly held to account by ticking moments or every day. We sit for too long, stress too much, think too far ahead and live in a way that places our neurology in a state of fight and flight almost at every moment of every day.

Those who take the moment to do some light exercise, or take a short walk, silent their mind for a few moment a day, eat with awareness, observe their own inner chatter and examine their lives are those who are aware of self care. It is those people who consider natural medicine for its preventative, nurturing and powerful neurologically, muscular and emotional benefits. It is those individuals who know that prolonged sitting damages their posture and hence their circulation, nerve transmissions and therefore mood and lack of self awareness, which inevitably leads to physical, mental, emotional, immunological fatigue and/or a wider break-down.

It is those who are unaware that require an

d can benefit so greatly from these therapies for more than the obvious reasons. It is those who are less aware or living in awareness that walk around in a state of sleep. It only takes a few sessions to reawaken the self to the self, and to enable the paradigm shift required to bring about a greater awareness to your life, so you can too live in a way that enhances health daily. By living in a more balanced way, life is more sustainable and health becomes a part and parcel of life itself. It is a self propagating, self enhancing way of living that enables you to improve more rather than be subjected to rapid decline.

The years naturally take the toll upon the body. Living well, living in a more balanced and self examining way, with a growing awareness and self care, promotes a life of living and growing, not one of only turmoil and perpetuating decline.

Prevent by being aware. Treat your body as you deserve to be treated. Natural medicine offers a wide array of modalities that focus on this very aspect of balanced living. Become empowered, become aware. Take those little steps for health and well being, gain from thousands of years on natural medicine's wisdom, Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Acupuncture, Massage therapy, Herbal Medicine, and other incredible disciplines have whole worlds of benefits- learn about it.

it is both the mind and the body that benefit and as the mind and body fall into alignment the human spirit can more easily thrive and it becomes its own self perpetuating cycle of wellness and care.

It is through Hypnosis and Life Coaching that people can find a new focus to their lives and finally come to realise why they were not caring for themselves in the first place. wether it is a simple lack of life balance or a type of self sabotage that leads to self neglect. At times, realigning the mind gives one the inner wisdom, power and desire to spiral out of the old and outmoded way of living and make a change to enhance life and living.

as illustrated above, wether it is the physical health tat leads to mental or emotional freedom and better choices, or the mental and emotional alignment that leads to physical health, natural medicine can integrate the Mind Body and human spirit to achieve true and lasting change to build better health and a better life.

if you with to learn more please see the links below and feel free to contact me directly on 0411849587.

Chinese Medicine and Natural Therapy, massage and pain management.

Transpersonal Therapies, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy for a Better Life















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