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Sciatica, Back pain and Refered pain. Physical Therapy.

Lower back and Sciatic pain can be treated by several means. I found that using MET (Muscle Energy Techniques), refered pain can be treated quickly and effectively. MET is a technique that enables a complete assessment of the lower back. It is crucial to identify the specific spinal segments that are causing pressure on the nerve. MET does not use spinal manipulation, but instead, the vertebrae is isolated and brought back into correct alignment with the rest of the spine. This is done by placing the body in positions that create space above and below the identified vertebral body, carrying out resistance techniques that engage the small multifidus muscles that encircle the affected vertebrae to realign it. This techniques gently and safely, bring a misaligned vertebrae back into alignment with the rest of the spine using the body's own set of levers (muscles). By realigning the vertebrae we quickly eases the pressure exerted on an exiting spinal nerve and reduce Sciatic and refered pain quickly. By: Dr. Ehud Udi Tal (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Med.) ©2017 Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine PTY LTD. 

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