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Dear valued patient,


All clinical provisions are in place at my clinic for the present COVID-19 situation.  The highest level of hygiene is maintained and all new codes and additional measures are implemented between consultations to ensure our mutual safety at this critical time.


The Melbourne Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic will remain open on designated days to serve the community at its time of need. In the event that Melbournians are placed in complete lockdown, online platforms such as Messenger and Facetime can be utilised for face to face diagnosis and herbal medicine dispensing. The herbs will be delivered directly to your home.


China has demonstrated great success with patients suffering from COVID-19, combining both, Eastern and Western medicines in the struggle against SARS, H1N1 and the Recent COVID-19 Virus. These herbal formulas are based on ancient Chinese medicine classics.  Such formulas are being used in my practice today.  

Much of the research in China began with the SARS epidemic and the more recent COVID-19 outbreak. Ancient Chinese Medicine texts clearly define the stages and manifestations of illness and outline herbal approaches for each stage of illness.  The presentations described therein are similar in nature to the SARS and COVID-19 Strain.  Ancient wisdom is relevant today in aiding modern day medicine.


I am by no means proclaiming a cure.  I urge you to follow all national guidelines  and follow medical advice when dealing with any symptoms of  cough, fever & breathlessness. In addition to the western approach, consider Traditional Chinese herbs as they can assist in significant ways; increase immunity, reduce viral symptoms and support recovery. 

COVID-19 information

Protect yourself and your family at this critical time.

Resistance Herbs  Chinese Medicinal Herbs used to Boost Immunity.

(Manages Cold and Flu Symptoms, Based on the Classics). 

(Used in China in their recent struggles with SARS and COVID-19) 

Cough, Phlegm & Congestion  Aids with lung congestion,

helps resolve cough, expels phlegm and manages Viral Symptoms.  

(Manages Cold and Flu Symptoms, Based on the Classics)

(Used in China in their recent struggles with SARS and COVID-19) 

Post-flu Restorative Herbs  Assists with the body's recovery.

Chinese herbs  replenish exhausted body fluids and preserve the essence

required to help the body's recovery.

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