Covid-19 Restrictions ease,

Clinic is NOW open

AHPRA registered allied health professions: able to provide essential

face to face service from the 28th September in 3 circumstances

1. To prevent a significant deterioration in functional independence which would result in an escalation of care needs.

2. For assessment and diagnostic purpose for those people whose care has been delayed during stage 4 restrictions, and where further delay likely to result in deterioration.

3. to Provide essential pre-operative or post-operative elective surgery care.

Face to Face Consults are now available (see guidelines above)

Herbal Consultations available Online (Herbs delivered home)

Prevention - Immunity - Recovery - Restorative Care

Learn Diaphragmatic breathing

calm and focus your mind 

invigorate, rejuvenate & enliven.

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Maintain your Health 

at this critical time.

Pain Relief  Back pain,  muscle and debilitating soft tissue pain or tension.

Post surgical recovery, fracture recovery. Blood invigorating herbs can ease pain.  


Immunity Herbs  Chinese Medicinal Herbs are used to boost Immunity for centuries. Manages Cold and Flu Symptoms that is based on the Classics. 

any COVID-19 symptoms must be tested at the provided governmental test stations.


PMS, Painful or irregular periods:  Chinese Herbs are used to ease menstrual pain, emotional symptoms, helps regulate periods, reduce unusual discharges and more.


Cough, Phlegm & Congestion Chinese herbs may aid with lung congestion,

helps resolve cough, expels phlegm and manages Bacterial or viral Symptoms.   

(Manages Cold and Flu Symptoms, Based on the Classics).  


Post-flu Restorative Herbs  Assists with the body's recovery. 

Chinese herbs  replenish exhausted body fluids and preserve the essence 

required to help the body's recovery. 

Anxiety and Insomnia:  Chinese Herbal medicines are used in anxiety for symptoms such as palpitations, fear, and panic, emotional type chest and digestive tension. 


Chinese Herbal Medicine provide an incredibly powerful approach in holistic care.

Use traditional Chinese Medicine to assist naturally with a wide array of health needs.

Ancient Medicine for the treatment of Dis-ease in modern times.